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The reason why these engines are called internal combustion engines is that combustion takes place inside the engine.

Internal combustion engines are machines that are formed by the pressure created by burning the fuel in a limited area called the combustion chamber inside the engine, moving the part called the piston.

Suspension can be considered synonymous with comfort inside the car;

Because they are known as the system that provides comfort in vehicles. It is a system that reduces all kinds of negative conditions on the road, ensures the comfort of the vehicle and the passengers in the vehicle, and prevents jolting and swaying.

The working principle of this system is simple.

When the brake is pressed, the piston moves and the calipers are closed by the pressure of the oil in the hydraulic mechanism. When the calipers are closed, the brake pads and the discs on the wheels stick together. This allows the vehicle to slow down or stop.

The exhaust from the engine enters through the intake pipe.

The part that allows the gas left by the exploded air-fuel mixture in internal combustion engines to be thrown out of the engine as sound and smoke is called exhaust. The main feature of the exhaust is that the sound carried by pipes is absorbed by materials such as glass and fiber in the exhaust, minimizing the noise and releasing it to the outside.